Live Updates: Which Drugs Are in Shortage Because of COVID-19?

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Live Updates: Which Drugs Are in Shortage Because of COVID-19?

Drug shortage lists are beginning to grow as people stock up on medications during the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in hospitalizations strains the drug supply.

In recent days, hospitals have begun to report shortages for drugs used to place patients on ventilators and treat pneumonia. And on March 31, the FDA added chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (potential treatments for coronavirus) to its shortages list.

Here is the list of drugs used to treat COVID-19 that are experiencing shortages.

COVID-19 Related Drug Shortages

Why are these shortages important?

Shortages are a common occurrence. But many drugs that are newly experiencing shortages are necessary for COVID-19 treatment and are likely experiencing higher-than-usual demand due to the pandemic.

While the FDA is closely following the situation, officials are worried that typical measures to combat shortages may not be an option right now. India and China, two of the largest distributors of the active ingredients in medications, are also grappling with the virus and are experiencing slower manufacturing times due to labor shortages.


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