Does Trump’s executive order change anything for personal drug importation?

Does Trump’s executive order change anything for personal drug importation?

President Donald Trump signed three executive orders recently, and one of them was on drug importation, which helps Americans buy more affordable prescription drugs internationally. This executive order will allow millions of Americans to purchase prescribed medications at a more affordable rate.

The executive order on drug importation will allow the following:

  • Allow for reimportation of insulin if needed for “emergency medical care”
  • Finish Federal ruling on medication import from Canada
  • Granting waivers to individuals to import drugs legally

A few States have passed the drug importation legislation to allow wholesale pharmacies to import from Canadian wholesale pharmacies. In December 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration allowed wholesale, but not personal, drug imports from Canada.

Currently, the Federal law in the U.S. does not allow importation or re-importation of drugs in commercial quantities unless the manufacturer is authorized, which only happens if the Secretary declares an emergency. Many Americans have been purchasing Insulin from Canada because it is cheaper, which was prohibited under Federal law, but with the new executive order, citizens are authorized to make these purchases.

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