How often should I be taking my allergy medications?

How often should I be taking my allergy medications?

Seasonal allergies are right around the start of September. They are a very common problem that tend to arise during the fall and spring season when there is a high concentration of pollen in the air. One of the most effective ways to tackle seasonal allergies is to take medications to prevent the symptoms a few weeks before the beginning of the season. Taking antihistamines help provide fast relief of allergy symptoms which include: sneezing, itchiness, runny nose and watery eyes.

Over 60-million Americans are aggravated by seasonal changes resulting in seasonal allergies that at times make it difficult to perform daily tasks. Many individuals take over-the-counter medications to help prevent seasonal allergy symptoms, but if they aren’t working for you, one of the reasons may be allergy medication not being taken effectively.

Medications that provide fast relief include taking decongestants or antihistamines. With decongestants, they provide the fastest relief to allergy symptoms by relieving stuffy noses through taking oral tablets or nasal sprays. These options provide immediate relief within 30 minutes, and are available without prescription. Although decongestants are not recommended to those who suffer from heart problems, or are pregnant or nursing. Decongestants are best to be used for immediate relief and used periodically.

For antihistamines, it is another fast allergy treatment that helps calm the symptoms of allergies. They are available in oral tablet form or through nasal sprays. There are different over-the-counter options such as the common use of Benadryl which lasts for 4-6 hours but causes drowsiness. An alternative is Claritin or Allegra which do not cause drowsiness and last up to 24 hours with a single intake.

Now what is the best time to be taking allergy medications? It is best to start your allergy medications approximately 2 weeks before the time you normally experience allergy symptoms. By doing so, it allows your body to take time to adjust to the medication.

Article Written By: Maheen Yaqoob, AI Computer Engineer