Debunking myths about the new coronavirus outbreak

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to grow and people take precautionary measures to prevent further spread, the World Health Organization is warning of the danger of misinformation. In fact, in February, the WHO described the abundance of information regarding the novel coronavirus as an “infodemic.” Read more...


Coronavirus (COVID-19): Warnings on Potential Treatments

You may have heard that a drug called chloroquine (chloroquine phosphate) or a related drug, hydroxychloroquine, might treat coronavirus (COVID-19). This is based on small, preliminary reports on their use. To date, neither form of chloroquine has been approved by drug regulatory authorities for the treatment of COVID-19 (with the exception of Poland where chloroquine phosphate is approved for this use). There are risks associated with these medications and they should not be taken or obtained without a prescription. Read more...


Living with a chronic illness can be challenging!

Perhaps you’ve been newly diagnosed with a chronic illness. Perhaps you’ve been living with one for some time and you’re now experiencing changes with your illness and its symptoms. In any case, living with a chronic illness comes with its share of challenges! Read more...


Where there’s a pill, there’s a way: How to store and manage your prescriptions

If you take a prescription medication—whether regularly, or only on occasion when you need it for a specific issue—chances are you were given some information on how to take your medication safely. But you might not have been told how to store or manage your medication, and these are also key to making sure it works properly! Read on for some basic advice. Read more...


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