ADV-CARE Pharmacy E-Check Debit Instructions

ADV-Care Pharmacy E-Check Debit Instructions

eCheck Debit Instructions

ADV-Care eCheck will produce a check or electronic debit for the amount of your purchase. The ADV-Care eCheck will be routed to your bank for payment, just like a check written from your checkbook. Only the amount that you have specified on the eCheck will be debited from your account. Your bank will include the ADV-Care eCheck with your regular monthly statement information. This transaction is secure and all information contained within are subject to ADV-Care privacy standards.

  • To use this eCheck you must have a valid checking account with sufficient funds to cover this transaction.
  • Take a check out of your check book and make it out to ADV-Care Pharmacy or write VOID across the front (Once the check is used, do not re-use again)
  • Bank check, the first set of number is your check number, the second set of number is your bank number(always 4 digits). The 3 digits for the bank number is followed by your account number. See below a copy of typical Canadian bank check.
  • Click on the “Continue” button to submit your account information. Charges are not automatic & only processed once your paperwork/order is complete. To avoid duplicate submission only click “Submit” once.
  • Submit your AUTHORIZATION FOR E-CHECK DEBIT form when you use this payment method for the first time. Send this signed form with all the necessary paperwork for your first order (include original prescriptions and a brief medical summary).
  • Also, you can click here to download our eCheck authorization form.
  • Keep the carbon copy of your submitted check for your records.
  • ADV-Care will provide a Receipt along with your order containing the details of your purchase.

Bank Check

CA Check Min

Conditions for eCheck Debit Payments:

  • There will be a $35.00 fee or the maximum amount permitted by law for returned checks. The check writer is also responsible for all other costs of collection.
  • Your usage of eCheck debit for payment is your acceptance of this agreement and its terms.
  • Check fraud and fraud attempts will be reported to the authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.