Managed Care

ADV-Care Managed Care

What Managed Care Means to You?

Your pharmacist is a vital member of the health care team. In the same way that your doctor maintains your medical history, your pharmacist is best positioned to maintain your complete pharmaceutical records, both prescription and non-prescription. Working together, your doctor and your pharmacist can assure the most effective and most efficient means of treating your ailments.

It is to your advantage that your pharmacist is fully aware of all your medication, both prescribed and non-prescribed (OTC) remedies. Taken concurrently, the medications could conflict, offsetting the effectiveness of each or aggravating your condition. With ADV-Care Pharmacy’s MANAGED CARE your pharmacist always checks for such conflicts and consults with you and/or your doctor before filling the prescription or supplying the non-prescription medication.

We work closely with your doctor to provide advice on alternative or more cost effective medications when appropriate. As an example, should your doctor change your medication, before filling a costly prescription for an extended period, we would recommend first taking a sufficient amount (two weeks) just in case there are adverse reactions.

MANAGED CARE means accepting our role in your total patient care. It’s most effective when we have a complete profile of your medical condition and history of your medications, prescription and non-prescription, plus any reactions you may have experienced. Working together with you and your doctor our consultant pharmacists can then help:

  • Eliminate and/or resolve drug conflicts
  • Monitor drug therapies to identify and manage allergies and side effects
  • Monitor drug safety and use
  • Advise on the most effective way to take your medication(s)
  • Resolve your medication concerns
  • Recommend the most effective and cost-efficient medication alternatives
  • Promote wellness