Group Benefit

ADV-Care Pharmacy Benefit Management

Group Benefit

According to the insurance industry, Canadians spent about $650 million per week on prescription drugs which translates into an estimated $33.9 billion per year in 2017. While total health spending between 2019 and 2024 is projected to grow at an average rate of 7.5 per cent annually, total drug expenditure will increase by 9.2 per cent for the same period.

The main factors that drive the cost of drugs upwards include:

  • Growing geriatric population,
  • The willingness to pay for almost every new drug at any cost,
  • Rising income and preference for better health benefits, to meet emergency health needs,
  • Not fully using the potential of generic drugs,
  • Vast pricing and dispensing differences between pharmacies for similar drugs,
  • Employee indifference about the cost of drugs covered by their workplace plans
  • Lack of knowledge to choose the rightful provider.
  • Stronger competitor activity pressurizing the consumer health spending habits.

Group Pharmacy Benefit

We also provide group benefit management designed to meet the challenges of cost containment of pharmacy benefits AT SOURCE, while maintaining the benefits value to the customer.

The Pharmacy Benefit management

Our Pharmacy Benefit Management Program for your employees will help keep down your cost of prescriptions and therefore the insurance premiums patient pay. Working with your employees’ doctors as part of their health care team, we guard against medication interactions and over-use to keep employees healthy and at work. We also monitor the effective use of the medications to help eliminate waste, avoid duplication, while providing user satisfaction.

Additionally, our automated refill reminder ensures that patients never run out of their medications and reminds them to schedule doctor appointments on time.

Our Cost Containment Measures Include:

  • Generic substitution (when available).
  • Ninety-day supply of maintenance drug; unless it’s a first time prescribed trial period.
  • Convenience of ordering online, phone or by Kiosk (at your office); delivery to office or home.
  • Prices match the Ontario ODB costs; lowest price in Canada with competitive dispensing fees and mark-ups.
  • Automatic refill reminder service; improves patient compliance.
  • Pharmacist virtual video counseling with instant translation.
  • Pre-loaded employee data; easier access to pharmacy ordering systems using kiosks (at your office) or online, eliminating possible errors
  • Automatic pharmacist call to discuss all new prescriptions and questions.
  • Inter-therapeutic drug changes.
  • Group claim monitoring;
  • Management of lifestyle and life enhancing drugs.
  • Disease management program.
  • Online Adjudication.
  • Reduction of claims processing cost for both parties.
  • Added customer convenience; privacy and availability.
  • Group purchasing opportunities that lets us pass the cost saving on to the client.

And now, The convenience of Ordering kiosk at Your Office

  • Convenient employee services like processing additional health claims (glasses/physiotherapy).
  • User friendly support in three languages.
  • Direct connection to the pharmacy at any time via private telephone links.
  • Customized on-screen messages and scheduling of in-house health events.


At ADV-Care:

  • We are always available. Our trained pharmacists are available during business hours to provide direct professional, personalized and convenient service.
  • Our quality assurance program provides a system of checks and balances; our pharmacists verify orders and procedures to assure the highest standards of filling prescriptions in the shortest time possible.
  • We acquire and maintain medical and medication histories on all our clients to offer effective disease management service.
  • Our Website & Mobile app is available 24/7 for clients to order their medications and track their order online.
  • We provide efficient processing; all orders are shipped in original sealed containers and discrete packages within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.
  • All transactions are conducted with complete privacy and security.
  • Patient always deal directly with a registered pharmacist on one-on-one basis.

We will work with your management team or benefits consultant to develop a program that best serves your company’s needs.